The Flyer  

Make a Difference in South Los Angeles! 

1. Affordable Housing: advocate for and support affordable housing initiatives in South Los Angeles.  I focused on UNIFYING local organizations, non-profits, and community groups to identify opportunities for creating or preserving affordable housing options. & creating Benefit for those in NEED.
2. Community Development: I am  involved in community development projects that aim to revitalize and improve South Los Angeles neighborhoods. We are Focused on buying a building for a community Center
3. Mentorship and Education for aspiring real estate professionals or individuals interested in homeownership, and 3-4 Unit building acquisition.4. Financial Literacy Programs: YES
5. Neighborhood Associations: Park Mesa Heights Community Council & ECWA
6. Community Outreach and Engagement:-hosting town hall meetings, attending neighborhood gatherings.
7. Non-profit Organizations: CEASEFIRE
8. Support Local Businesses- network of contacts in the business community. Help support local businesses in South Los Angeles by connecting them with resources, promoting their services.

With Respect & Consideration,

Ken Herbs        
Ken Inv.@ KWBHBRE Lic # 01265157 

213 537-7325